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7 December 2012
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So you have decided that you need a website and although you are probably right, do you know who your target audience are?
One of the most important decisions about your site will be what people you want to attract (your target audience); unfortunately your site can’t cater for everybody. You will need to focus on the people who are most important to you and your business. Everything about your site should be designed to bring those people to your site and to keep them coming back.

This leads us back to the main factor of any site . . . content is king. Before we think about what we want to say, we need to give some thought to who we are trying to say it to – their Age, sex, religion, Economic situations, Industry, position, technical, non-technical, Geographic locations, the list goes on….
A website can be an effective marketing tool and will give you a much wider reach than the majority of other advertising campaigns.
What type of audience does your business web site need to attract, keep and service?

Think about what will make your target audiences want to buy from you, think about some of the ways your target audiences use the Internet and how they respond to various types of content, for example:

      • What types of websites do they like to visit every day?
      • What’s the best way to communicate with your target audiences — words, audio, video, all of the above?
      • Would your customers appreciate having the opportunity, right on your site, to discuss relevant topics and issues with you and others?

Once you have your target audience defined, then writing content should come naturally. But remember to make it informative and clear as you don’t want your customer to guess or assume anything from your website, spoon feed them in a relevant and engaging way. A customer may believe in your product or service, but if they don’t know enough about your process, they may decide to do business with someone more transparent.

Do you have a blog or other news outlet with frequently updated content? Or a cool application/try it now facility tool that aligns with your business?
All these keep people on your site longer and help you develop a rapport with your visitor.

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