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7 December 2012
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Readymade solutions don’t cut it.

When the out of the box one size fits all applications won’t do for your business. You need something customised; something unique; something unique . . . what you really need is Custom Application Development. At Bright Skies we are very excited about our latest project Clever Little Applications, but more about that in the new year.

This post is all about the Decisions Platform, a great platform giving you the power to visually build comprehensive applications without coding. Decisions provides rich designers for dashboards, reports, notifications, task management, routing, rules, workflow and the list goes on and on and on and on. The Platform is completely extensible, allowing you to visually integrating with data and services while giving you the flexibility of deploying your application in the cloud or on premise.

The thing I was most impressed was how versatile the platform is so what I have tried to do here is give you a very brief summary of some of the things that really impressed the Bright Skies team

Workflow/BPM engine is native to the platform and not ‘bolted on’ like most BPM engines. Using the natively integrated workflow engine provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in creating your application and enables developers to quickly develop and deliver process driven, ‘customisable’ applications.


    • Graphical workflow construction
    • Data mapping and transformation engine
    • Rule execution engine
    • Graphical integration
    • Ability to manage remote (premise based) resources and applications
    • Dashboard creation and full featured reporting and analytics engine
    • Graphical user form construction
    • Task management functionality and end user task portal


Metrics are everything. Decisions reporting can be used to create beautiful and detailed reports without writing a line of code or SQL. Using the drag and drop designers it is possible for anyone to build relevant, real-time reports. Decisions reporting capability empowers you to build the reports you need when you need them.

The report writer makes it possible to create dynamic reports within minutes. These dynamic reports are actionable and allow you to immediately intervene and resolve issues or make strategic decisions.


Decisions provides a full featured, graphical forms designer to capture data, present approvals and interact with the users of the application.

Each form can be themed and branded to match your corporate look and feel. Based on a modular approach, any form can be reused in many different processes. This makes it easy to define your standards and quickly make individual or global updates.

The Decisions Forms Designer includes:

    • Drag and Drop Design with Preview
    • 55+ form controls
    • Easy API for creating new form controls or using 3rd party libraries
    • Fixed position or relative position designs
    • Nest layouts together for complex layouts
    • Supports complex gradients and themes
    • Allows use of multiple layers of backgrounds for consistent styling
    • Data Grid control
    • CSV controls for live editing and mapping of CSV files
    • Reuse forms across any workflows (data is independent of the form)
    • All form elements (labels, images, button text) can be set at runtime

    Dont take our word for it though, try it today – you too can sign up for a 14 day trial today. Just leave a comment here and we will be more than happy to send on the sign it up details.

One response on “Clever Little Applications

  1. Jon says:

    Ive used decisions for 6 months now and there’s no other tool out there that does such a great job! Reusable forms and an extensive rules engine with drag and drop so NO coding needed makes life for a developer easier and the boss happy because the software is built, tested and deployed in half the time a traditional application is made in.

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