8 December 2012
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When starting a company you tend to direct your hopes and ambitions towards achieving something, to do this it’s good to set goals and have a benchmark of what heights you might aspire to. For us here at Bright Skies Solutions that company is Rovio Entertainment, you may know them better as the creator of [...]

7 December 2012
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Clever Little Applications

Readymade solutions don’t cut it. When the out of the box one size fits all applications won’t do for your business. You need something customised; something unique; something unique . . . what you really need is Custom Application Development. At Bright Skies we are very excited about our latest project Clever Little Applications, but [...]

7 December 2012
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Target your audience

So you have decided that you need a website and although you are probably right, do you know who your target audience are? One of the most important decisions about your site will be what people you want to attract (your target audience); unfortunately your site can’t cater for everybody. You will need to focus [...]

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