Advantages of Bespoke Software

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21 December 2012
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You could liken the bespoke software v off the shelf software, to buying a suit . . . one is tailored to your exact needs and measurements and the other is tailored for the masses.

Following this analogy a custom application might be a better solution than a standard, off the shelf software application. Often, off the shelf software is designed for a wide range of businesses and has to tailor for the masses so may not be ideally suited to your specific business.

Bespoke software precisely matches your working practices, resulting in improved efficiency, less supervision, fewer errors, increase productivity, and reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks.

Costs can also be very deceptive as off the shelf software may not include setup, data import, customisation of reports, support and future development needs. You may find that these out of the box/off the shelf software include many functions you will never use and others that don’t quite fit your processes.

Custom software can actually cost less and at Bright Skies Solutions our pricing structure is set up so you pay a one off fee regardless of the number of users.

One response on “Advantages of Bespoke Software

  1. Lester Hammond says:

    I appreciate to you for your post. there are lots advantages of custom software development but its very costlier and too hard to do.It reduce reduced human effort and improved service delivery in organizations.

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